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Front Load Washer / Gas Dryer, Micro Processor, Front Controls, Coin Drop Installed



Factory Installed Coin Drop/Box
  • A robust coin drop and coin box come installed from the factory. Coin drop allows flexibilty in pricing your machines for your market.
Automatic Load Balancing
  • The automatic load balancing system consists of a six-point suspension, four dampers, and two springs.
  • By sensing and automatically balancing a load, machines are able to work effectively and end on time, creating optimized cleaning cycles and constant turns.
High-Speed Extraction
  • Extraction speeds up to 1,000 RPMs help pull water from the load, cutting drying time and increasing turns in both machines over their lives.
Super Cycle
  • Super Cycle offers an extra three minutes of wash time or an additional rinse for an additional cost to the user, boosting revenue opportunities.
Time-of-Day Pricing
  • Controls offer the flexibility to program different vend pricing based on the day of the week and time of day. This allows owners to take full advantage of revenue-generating opportunities for their operation.
High-Efficiency Wash System
  • High-efficiency technology delivers energy savings without sacrificing cleaning performance. Water is lifted from tub base through baffle holes, then showered through the load during agitation pattern.
Premium Bearings
  • Oversized premium NSK bearings are sealed for added protection enhancing longevity of drive system.
  • Shock-resistant, cast-metal trunnion provides additional strength to overall drive system and basket structure.
Six-Point Suspension
  • Provides better stability for entire wash unit as a result of four dampers and two springs.
Progressive Spin Logic
  • Delivers consistent cycle times by reallocating weight to complete spin out of unbalanced loads.
  • The strategically-designed bellow helps keep small items from getting caught or snagged, ensuring all items get an equal clean.
Washer Capacity
  • 3.1 cu. ft.
Dryer Capacity
  • 6.7 cu. ft.
  • ADA Compliant (Washer)
Additional Features
  • Space Saving Configuration
  • Commercial-Grade Cabinet
  • Powerful Drive System
  • Microprocessor Controls
  • Advanced Dryer Venting System
  • Shaft Sleeve
  • Porcelain-Enamel Top
  • Accelerometer
  • Pump Routine
  • Robust Hinge
  • Front-Access Panel
  • Triple-Lip Seal with Garter Spring