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How To Set Your Fence Posts In Concrete
Before you set out to put your posts in concrete it is essential to ensure that you have the appropriate tools needed for the project. The right tools at use makes the job much easier and helps you finish the work according to the highest quality standards. Take a look at the following tools you'll need:
This tool is often known as fencing spade and this tool makes digging holes simpler.
This spade comes with a sturdy and long handle which eliminates the necessity of bent while digging, which makes the process more relaxing for back. Additionally the insulated handle shields your body from serious injury should you accidently hit the energy source.
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Post Concrete
Fast-setting concrete is a mix of ballast and cement and it can be applied as a mix to wood, metal fence posts, and concrete.
Rapid concrete is perfect for small tasks in the garden. Apply the cement by first filling the hole of your post about 1/3 deep with water, and then spreading the concrete all over the post until it is impossible to discern the water.
Point Crowbars And Chisel
Point crowbars as well as the chisel are crucial for installing posts on rough terrain. They can also be used to reach small spaces that fencers are unable to reach.
When constructing fence posts, an erecting level is one of the most important tools you can have. A level makes sure that every fence post will be straight.
Fencing Tamper
If you do not want to make use of cement, fence tampers permit the posts to be secured to their place with the soil you originally put in. Fence posts are equipped with round heads that allow you to ram soil into holes for posts. This tool can be used in tight areas due to it's vertical shape.
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The Best Concrete Mix For Fence Posts
The construction of your fence yourself is a fantastic method in order to reduce your expenses. It's not difficult and is a great DIY project. The the strength of any fence lies in its support posts, that are, in certain cases, set in concrete. A wide variety of concrete mixes can be used to set your fence's posts. However, some mixes are more effective than others. And there are couple of alternatives, such as Sika Fence Pro Mix, which is an expanding foam. Concrete-wise, you have three choices you can purchase the bag that is premixed or mix it yourself or purchase it from a business. For a small or mid-sized job, I suggest choosing a premixed.
The most efficient concrete mixture for fencing posts that I've discovered has been Quikrete Quick Setting Concrete Mix, which comes in 50 lb bags. It's 4000 psi, very easy to work with, and sets quickly, and doesn't require mixed. Just put it in the hole, then soak it in water.
It is important to remember that the concrete mix you select should be based on the kind of soil fence posts and the weather, the seasons and job requirements.
Overall The 50lb Quikrete Fast Setting Concrete Mix is the one I've found to work best when the construction of fence posts. It's simple to work with, it sets quickly and is extremely durable. Also, I prefer real concrete over synthetic foam.
Quikrete 50lb Fast Setting Concrete Mix
The most efficient concrete mix for fence posts that I've found is Quikrete 50lb mix that is fast-setting. It is available at every Home Depot for under $6 dollars for a bag. For small - to medium-sized fence jobs, premixed bags is the ideal choice. Concrete trucks are too costly for small jobs and mixing it yourself is too much effort. These bags are affordable enough to ensure that whatever money that I save mixing concrete myself would be wiped out due to the time required.
The great thing about using Quikrete quick setting concrete mix is the fact that it doesn't need mixing it. Just put it in the hole and let it soak in water. After just soaking the concrete will get set and become hard. It is not necessary to use trowels, trays or other tools of any sort. It's too amazing to be true, but it's not. Pour it in the hole and then water it. That's it.
The concrete will be hard in just 20 to 40 minutes, however it can take 28 days for it to fully cure at 4000 PSI. This is a very durable concrete. Although the bag states 20 to 40 minutes to become hard you are able to take off the post when you have watered the concrete. It's strong and sturdy enough to be able to hold every post I've installed. I wouldn't place any pressure onto the posts for more than an hour, but you could set every post without delay.
Because the Quikrete quick Setting Mix doesn't need to be mixed, you won't ruin the mix by overwatering it. One of the most frequent mistakes I've observed is weak concrete as a result of excessively inundating the mix. Concrete that is soupy is a bad thing.
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