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10 amazing ESAs that are perfect for small place - 2022 Guide
If you are thinking of adopting an apartment dog and want to get familiar with some best breeds  then you are at the right place, read the blog till the end and you will find your answers, hence get an esa letter for housing. Most of the people in cities live in apartments and keeping in view their space and maintenance issues we have some best apartment dogs suggestions for you.

Well, sometimes you are not allowed by the flat authorities or your landlords to have pets as they may cause trouble for others. For instance, their shads can cause allergies among other people living in the apartment if your dog is outgoing and active. To avoid these inconveniences you should apply for an ESA letter as soon as possible. You will get rid of restrictions and, in fact, you will enjoy some privileges that come with the letter.  


Palm is one of the most beloved and the smallest Spitz type dogs. These animals are very affectionate and obedient. But do not leave them alone because they cannot tolerate loneliness and become depressed.

      Jack Russel Terrier

They are fun loving and loyal animals and they can definitely be fixed in a small crate in your apartment. These are outgoing, energetic, loving, and strong willed dog breeds.


These dogs are cute and small like others but also they are among some of the smartest dogs in the world. These dog breeds demand a lot of physical and mental exercise and love and care from their keepers.

      Shiba Inu

This dog breed is also extremely small in size and an appropriate pet for your small apartment. They are soft coated lovely creatures with an affectionate and docile nature.

      Golden Retriever

You can assume it from its name this breed has a very noble and balanced character which makes it the best option for you to keep it at your apartment. They have long hair, love children and lovable family dogs.

      Yorkshire Terrier

These breeds are active and playful dogs with a furry physique. You may find it difficult to cut their nails with some of the emotional support animal letter available and you will specially have to visit a vet to help you with this job. But this cutie is worth loving and will absolutely make you arrange for it a special place in your apartment and your heart.

      Shih Tzu

 These breeds have come from Tibet and were assigned guard tasks despite their small size. These are very sociable and affectionate pets. It is very important to take them out most often so they could get familiar with their surroundings. But if you cannot manage to take them out they can grow up to be shy and introverted animals.


This is the oldest breed in the world and has originated from Africa. You would love to have a lovely small breed that is quiet most of the time and does not bark. This is quite a smart option as it won’t bother your closest neighbors with unnecessary barking that most the other breeds do.

      Lhasa Apso

It is a dog breed that has originally come from Lhasa Tibet. These are some of the most independent and confident dog breeds who won’t intervene in your activities and live a healthy life without a lot of attention and affection.


These are some of the best breeds to have in an apartment or a flat. They are considered the smallest dogs in the world and you cannot resist their cuteness. They live upto 20 years with sufficient care, which is more than that of the medium sized dogs.  They are very sensitive dogs and require extensive care and love. You can apply for an esa letter online from
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